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ACT- A Creative Transformation - Who do you want to be?
Learn the transformational techniques used by professional actors to step into a new you at work, at home, and with the people you love. Create new possibilities for yourself with our complete online courses and coaching that can be done in the comfort of your own home.
Take the Stage- It's Your Turn To Shine
We often forget or postpone that which brings us joy. Unleash your creativity. Dissolve barriers. Re-ignite your passion for living. Try something new. It’s your turn to create happiness.
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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Browning

Elizabeth Browning is a renowned transformational acting coach who founded Joy Light Productions and is the Artistic Director of the Elizabeth Browning Studio. With over 30 years of experience Elizabeth has facilitated numerous personal breakthroughs and positive transformations for countless clients in New York City and nationwide. From business executives and homemakers to award-winning actors on Broadway, television, and film, Elizabeth Browning integrates techniques for personal transformation with a revolutionary approach to acting that brings about thrilling results and lasting change. Her groundbreaking work has been featured in various national publications, including “The Actor’s Guide To Qualified Acting Coaches: New York”. Clients come to the Elizabeth Browning Studio to learn the art of confidence, self-expression, enhanced creativity, and to chart their road to success and personal freedom. As a filmmaker, actress, director, and collaborator on award-winning films and theater events, Elizabeth Browning explores the transformational power of entertainment. Her award-winning short film, “The Face” is sparking passionate dialogue among women of every age while offering a new view of aging, beauty, and the value of our lives at every stage of living. Her vision for bringing about positive change through entertainment and individual self-expression provides the foundation for all of her transformational work offered worldwide.
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